About Us

Over years of reading ingredient lists and nutritional panels, we have learned that eating healthy with packaged foods can be a major challenge. Packaged foods with their shelf stability, portability, and durability are very convenient and can be a great way to consume much needed calories on-the-go or with limited time. Unfortunately, many packaged foods have confusing ingredient listings and loads of junk in them.

Even foods that call themselves “natural” or have “natural” flavors can be misleading. We began looking for sports nutrition that doesn't have excessive added sugar and lab created ingredients, which in excess over time can be detrimental to health. We found nothing.

This is why we created a clean label sports nutrition product. While certain occasions may call for the standard sports nutrition, athletes don't have to always use the standard sports nutrition products that are loaded with excessive added sugar and lab created ingredients. With Clean Energy athletes have an option to fuel their bodies in a way that is better for their long term health.