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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Over years of reading ingredient lists and nutritional panels, we have learned that eating healthy with packaged foods can be a major challenge. Packaged foods with their shelf stability, portability, and durability are very convenient. Unfortunately, many packaged foods have confusing ingredient listings and loads of junk in them. Even foods that call themselves “natural” or have “natural” flavors aren’t up to our expectations for healthy eating. So we began working to shift more of our consumption to Clean Label, which means a short list of ingredients ONLY consisting of foods that come from nature. Clean label means:

  • no lab created ingredients
  • no lab developed extracts, acids, flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • no added sugar
  • no artificial flavors
  • no “natural” flavors


We think eating Clean Label is an important part of eating healthy. Clean Energy brings together the nutrition of Clean Label and certified organic with the convenience of packaged food. Clean Energy is a nutritious smoothie, a natural boost of energy for anywhere, including on-the-go without the mess or clean up of mixing or blending a smoothie.

Clean Energy has helped us to eat healthier because we believe in Clean Label for healthy living.


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